Mars Owen
Loganville, GA
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    1 y.o.
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Mars is an extremely interactive baby. He loves music very much, he's so in tune with it that it can stop him in his tracks to pay attention. Mars loves to pretend to have conversations with the people around him, he loves laughing & playing & dressing up in new clothes. To have turned one this past August, I am still in awe of the intelligence that my child holds. He is very keenly aware of the energies & people who surround him. He is happy mostly, always hugging & loving. Elmo is his favorite
Mars currently has no industry experience. He is currently 15 months old. We are looking to begin & expand his experience through here.
Dancing, singing, playing with Elmo, watching educational shows, eating & playing with his yellow ball outside.
Very attentive, has the ability to tune in for pictures or videos, loves to be in front of the camera.