Sophia Torrico
Falls Church, VA
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  • Age:
    11 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 1''
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    100 lbs
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Hello, My name is Sophia Torrico!
I'm a 11 year old girl who lives in Falls Church, Virginia with my family. I'm an aspiring actress. I used to go a Catholic School and now I go to a public school.
I am the Class President and I'm in Level 3 AAP L.A and Math at school.
I'm outgoing, determined, and an adventurous girl! I am very athletic and I'm comfortable being on camera! I am a total extrovert, so talking to people and making friends comes with ease for me!
I am very mature for my age.
~ My Dad and I have been on the Father's Day Special that aired on June 21st, 2020 on the ABC Channel with John Legend.

The Willow Maid play. Role: Willow Maid (One main role)

~ CCTA'S Summer Acting/Theatre Camps.

~ Lead singer in my choir.

~ Experience in Cheerleading, Track and Field, and Basketball. I did Gymnastics, Ballet, & Martial Arts when I was younger. I danced Chinese Folk Dance since I was 8 until I was 10.
I have many favorite things to do, but what I mostly do is drawing, doing a bunch of cartwheels and splits all the time, playing with my kitten, singing with my brother, editing my brother's YouTube videos, making crafts, riding my bike, acting out monologues, talking with animals, reading mystery books, playing basketball with my brother, and playing soccer with my family!

I'm very determined at acting and I'm very passionate about it.
I promise if you give me a chance, I won't disappoint!
Acting (cry, laugh, etc. on cue)
Play basketball
Play soccer
Track and Field
Martial Arts
British accent
Edit videos

Was in Student Council
Was in a Choir
Took Voice Lessons
Went to Chinese School for 6 years
Took Ballet Lessons for 3 years when I was younger.
Took Swimming Lessons
I just love to act! It's been my lifelong dream to be on the big screen and I take acting seriously. I constantly practice acting as much as I can.