Sadi Mercer
Asheville, NC
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  • Gender:
  • Age:
    2 y.o.
  • Height:
    3' 0''
  • Weight:
    25 lbs
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Sadi is a rambunctious, spunky two year old. Those are two of the three words I would use to describe her. The third would be darling. I know everyone says that about their child but there literally isn't a place we go where someone doesn't comment on how beautiful she is. She is not only refreshingly beautiful but so smart and helpful. She is bossy at times but also nurturing to others. Never scared to be the loudest in the room but can also command the same amount of attention with a whisper.
Sadi loves going to the park and pool. Playing with her dog Kobi is also a must everyday! Riding her scooter and blowing bubbles are her favorite at home activities. Sad loves music of all kinds and learning different instruments. Loves bath time because mom always makes it a dance party or a big theatrical event! Puzzles are her long time go to rainy day toy but flash cards are her new found joy. Food/snack connoisseur she will definitely let you know if your cooking is good or not!
Sadi takes direction very well for her age. She is super curious and usually eager to try new things. Smiles on command. Occasionally bossy or sassy usually more than I prefer but hey it works for her. Can pretty much make anyone smile with her contagious laughter but can also make you want to cry with those puppy dog eyes. She's also very convincing I can tell you that from experience, she's talked me into buying things for her before she could even talk!