Kingsley Bailey
Charlotte, NC
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    1 y.o.
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    3' 0''
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He is good kid full of joy and he has a smile that lights up the room . He is very obedient and loves to take pictures. He is easy going and knows how to sit still , and he has a mother that loves taking pictures . He's in daycare and loves other kids . We have open availability to make trips to photo shoots . He has a growing social media presence and followers that love him .
He likes Parks , outdoors , running laughing , Row Row Row Your Boat , He LOVES TO DANCE . He will bust out in dance during when he hears music .
His Eyes And Smile Is Very Bright And He's Not A Difficult Child . He's Not A Crier And He's Genuinely Very Happy . He doesn't have separation anxiety and knows how to entertain his self . He doesn't cry or whine . He just likes to have fun and laugh and his laugh is infectious