Halleigh-Catherine Rollins
Greer, SC
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    7 y.o.
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Halleigh-Catherine has a very rare condition called Moebius Syndrome. She was diagnosed at the age of 3. This syndrome has left her deaf , nonverbal & unable to walk, but she doesn't let any of that get in her way of life . She's fun, energetic & absolutely beautiful! She's the strongest person I know & never takes no for an answer! All that she has overcome in her short 5 years of life is absolutely amazing . She definitely brings joy to any room she walks into . It's a true honor to be her mom
She has no experience yet, but I know she would LOVE the opportunity!
Halleigh-Catherine enjoys horseback riding, iPad play, coloring & hanging out with her friends & brother. She is so smart & can work an iPad or iPhone better then me. She also enjoys learning new sign language to help communicate with us.
Sign language, iPad/iPhone, & simply being so beautiful!