Evelyn Bricks
Wayland, NY
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    3 y.o.
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Evy is a happy, firey toddler. She is charming, sweet, and outgoing. She is rather fearless and comfortable with new people and places.
She loves to be the center on attention. She is rather good at following directions and really responds to positive feedback from adults and kids.
Evelyn currently has no experience. This is the first time we have sought out any thing in the industry.
Evelyn loves to dance. She will wiggle to almost any type of music. She loves to be outside and particularly likes to swing since she learned to use the kid seeing instead of the baby swing. She likes to pretend cook in her play kitchen and help me cook in our actual kitchen. She likes to play with her brother with his cars and animals. She is also very affectionate and enjoys cuddles and hugs.
Evelyn is able to count to ten, knows several colors. She uses her fork and spoon quite well. She can climb, hop, and perform physical activities well.