Marvin Garcia
Miami, FL
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    15 y.o.
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Marvin is a brilliant child. From school to other extracurricular activities he is very dedicated. He is not afraid of hard work because he has experienced it before and has learned to manage his time, energy, and focus. He also plays electric guitar and plans to create a band! He is a wonderful child who I'm sure can go through any obstacles on his way. He has some acting experience when he auditioned for this commercial; the people casting were thoroughly impressed with Marvin. He can act!
Marvin has tried out in a casting for a movie and a commercial.
Marvin plays electric guitar. Thanks to his dedication and hard work, in just seven months he has become very good. Apart from that, he cooks very well. Over the smers he has taken various cooking classes, which he has learned a lot from. In his old school, Marvin was in the chess team and I believe got the highest score out of all the kids on his team. He even went around the school presenting the trophy with his class mates. He is not nervous and manages his nerves very well.
Marvin can play guitar, chess, dance and cook.