Kylie Bennett
Denton, TX
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    8 y.o.
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Kylie is vibrant and most of the time very outspoken however she listens and follows instructions very well and is a very fast learner she is very beautiful and has a glow around her all of the time. She also makes friends easily and is loved by everyone that knows her. She has an awesome personality that everyone falls in love with.
Kylie does not have any industry experience at the moment however when we talked about this she became very excited and is looking for the opportunity to prove herself. She does however watch several videos a day where she dances and tries to sing along with them.
Kylie loves playing at parks and with her friends also with her toys and makes due of her time very well. She also loves watching videos on YouTube and tries to sing along with a lot of them even though most of the time doesn't know the words she will just sometimes make something up out of the blue.
Kylie loves to sing and dance and has a very vivid imagination and also loves to draw and write things. She has told me that she wants to be a baby doctor as well as a fashion designer. She loves being in front of the camera and most of the time very funny when she loosens up.