Is KidsCasting Legit?

What is KidsCasting? is the only casting network in the US for young actors, models, singers, dancers, and content creators under the age of 18. We connect young talent with casting directors. KidsCasting offers thousands of projects for TV, Film, and Print, making us the best place for parents who want to introduce their kids to the entertainment world.

Can you trust KidsCasting?

Yes, you sure can! When you join KidsCasting, you gain access to the single best casting platform for kids ever created. You'll also gain access to a team of experts dedicated to helping you use our platform to get your child discovered by top industry professionals.

With a KidsCasting subscription, you gain the tools, connections, knowledge, and support you've been missing to help your child get discovered and become a confident, successful model or actor.

While KidsCasting subscription provides the essential tools to get your child cast in the shortest possible time, it's about more. It's about giving your kids the opportunity of a lifetime and skills and experiences they will never forget. Developing your child today and giving them knowledge and skills they can use during their life will yield many times what you invest.

Many parents dream of seeing their kids in the next TV commercial, film, catalog, or magazine. And it's already happened for thousands of KidsCasting members.

We've dedicated our lives and careers to helping kids like yours live their dreams. KidsCasting has helped thousands of kids achieve their dreams, get discovered, and become successful models and actors.

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