Diamond Anderson
Chicago, IL
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  • Age:
    11 y.o.
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  • Weight:
    70 lbs
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Diamond is an amazing and very unique little 9 year old girl. She was born in Chicago. She loves to travel and learn about different states and countries. She has such a sweet and humbling spirit. She is very smart and been on A honor roll since starting school. Diamond is a kid who loves GOD and loves praying. She is very compassionate and hopes to raise money for kids with cancer one day. Diamond is very brave and will try anything. Books are her favorite, you can always catch her reading one.
Diamond has no experience as of yet, but she is a quick learner and ready to take in all she needs in order to be great in this industry.
Diamond has many different hobbies. She enjoys reading time. In fact, she reads everywhere we go, rather it's in a grocery store, shopping mall, even at the dinner table. She loves playing basketball. She may be not be the best (yet) but her dedication, persistence, and determination only pushes her to become better. Diamond has a great sense of humor, no moment is ever dull with her presence. She just blossom when she dances (has been dancing since 2 years old).
Diamond's talents expresses who she is. She has awesome communication and proper manners. She is very good at multitasking and gets all things done correctly. Diamond shows exceptional leadership for her young age and very mature. This also coincides with her listening skills that is a strength. Diamond is brave and will try anything. She has great social skills and every time she encounters someone, they long for her presence again. Diamond has a sweet and humbling spirit that attracts many.