Bradley Pankratz
San Antonio, TX
Profile ID: 12891546

  • Gender:
  • Age:
    13 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 10''
  • Weight:
    146 lbs
  • Eye color:
  • Hair color:
Bradley is an outgoing teen and was born to entertain. His passion is theater and starring in productions. He is eager to work on projects to include commercials, television shows, and movies. He is a child who loves the stage and lime light of acting. Whether it is making videos, singing, or playing music; he is always ready to entertain for any crowd. He is looking forward to bringing his skills to the screen and interacting with cast for several types of media.
Bradley has been involved in several theater productions to include musicals, community plays, acting camps, and school productions. He has held several supporting roles such as Michael in the musical Matilda, Mr. Banks in the musical Mary Poppins, the Sultan in the musical Aladdin, the Duke in the musical twinderella and The big bad wolf in Shrek. In addition to these supporting roles he is involved in several acting classes and music lessons to perfect his skills in theater and singing.
Bradley is an avid magician. he enjoys putting on shows for all audiences and incorporates his theatrical experience into his magic. Coin collecting is another one of his hobbies, he enjoys looking through bins of coins in search of a rare find or metal detecting in remote areas. He is an active member of his neighborhood swim team and enjoys competing in swim meets and interacting with peers. In his free time he enjoys being with his friends on the trampoline or participating in water sports.
Bradley is a dedicated trumpet player and practices to ensure he is one of the best. He is involved in his school band and has played for other community events. He is also an active piano player. He has performed in several recitals and likes to share his talent with any one who will listen. Theater is one of Bradley's talents as well. He has performed monologues, improv, and comedy acts. Bradley enjoys sketching and completing other art projects such as painting and creating art with shells