Jose Luis Elizondo
Pasadena, TX
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JoseLuis (also known as Baby Tito)My Angel is a energetic happy baby!
Baby Tito is the a little brother of model Rafael. We have worked with Neil Hamil in the past, I am a proud mother who have worked with television, modeling, and traveling for gigs for my Dance company so I am familiar with the scene and love every bit of the industry! I am passing my knowledge to my two Exotic young boys, so hopefully we can get some callbacks We are a showbiz family so we know how this thing goes. My little minime has had a couple of photoshoots and has surprised me thus far
VIBRANT 11 month old.
I am surprised on how photogenic Baby Tito is. He smiles and laughs at everything! Currently while I snap a picture at my baby boy he immediately smiles or seems to "pose" when he notices a flash.Babies and small children pick up habits. I believe this is just a normal reaction for my little star because he watches mommy take pictures. I am constantly posting him. In conclusion my happy boy loves attention and lots of communication which makes him PERFECT for this industry
*singing very loudly
*taking risky steps
*getting your attention
*biggest talent of all is he managed to steal mommy's