Meryl Streep’s Top 8 Rules for Success
Jul 5, 2018
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She’s an American actress, cited in the media as the “best actress of her generation”. She is known for her versatility in her roles, transformation into the characters she plays, and her accent adaptation. She’s one of only six actors to have won three or more competitive Academy Awards for acting. She’s Meryl Streep and here are her Top 8 Rules for Success:

All you need is a plain wall. If you don’t have one at your home, you can hang up an ironed sheet as a background. There should be no patterns, no bold prints in the background. The same goes for your child’s outfit—they should wear solid colors, and there should be no stripes, logos, or texts.

Don’t tape your child’s audition with your bathroom, kitchen, living room or garden in the background. This is very distracting and looks amateurish. Even if it is a kitchen scene—don’t shoot it in the kitchen!

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Work hard - immerse yourself in your work. actress admits that part of her success has to do with luck, but she has also put a lot of hard work into it.

Express yourself - acting is an art, a craft and a job. Demonstrate your personality and enjoy the process.

Live a zen life - learn to enjoy life in between auditions and filming. Appreciate the surroundings and things you have. When the world stands still, let it.

Find your drive and passion - discover what motivates and interests you and keep hold of it while you are building your success.

Be empathetic - the power of empathy is amazing. Empathy will allow you to understand feelings and sorrows of your character when on stage. Empathy is an engine that powers the best in us.

Learn from challenging times - Actress believes that you learn more from challenges just because they impact you more. Always learn and grow as a person.

Be your real self - remember: you are enough. Don’t copy other Hollywood actors or celebrities, just be you.

Have fun - if you can’t have fun, there is no sense in doing it.

And as an extra…. Here are 3 more tips from top-grossing Hollywood actors on acting and making it big.

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”Never give up after rejection or failure!” - Andrew Garfield (known for “The Amazing Spiderman”) has been asked what is the worst thing that happened to him as an actor. The answer is most definitely - rejection. It is the only thing constant with acting career. Audition is a process of being rejected over and over and over - until you either give up or get an opportunity. So never give up!

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”Don’t spend too much time of today on yesterday!” - Helena Bonham (famous for “Ocean’s 8”, “Harry Potter” franchise, and “Fight Club”).

You need to be compassionate, have an imagination, know how to get on with people and how to listen and have a huge sense of humor to make it in the entertainment industry. But even if you have all of those qualities, sometimes you will fail. And it’s OK. Don’t punish yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t spend too much time of today dwelling on yesterday’s mistakes. Learn from them and move on.

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”It’s all about avoiding panic.” - Hugh Grant (known for “Notting Hill”, “Bridget Jones's Diary”).

With film and when being on set it’s so important not to be in a panic. Things constantly change, scripts change, your part may change, but no matter what happens - stay as relaxed as you possibly can. The camera tends to love actors who are relaxed, so you’ll look great and fresh in a take once the movie is produced.

If you are a teenager reading this - save those tips and re-read them every once in a while (maybe when you are feeling demotivated or down?). Or if you are a parent of a child who is passionate about acting - discuss those tips with your child and show them how supportive you are of their career choice.

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