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Acting 101 | Lesson from Actor Will Roberts
Want to see your kid show off their talent on the big screen, but not sure where to start? Our expert Will Roberts is here to help you out!
2 days ago
4 Tips for Photographing Your Baby
Check out our tips for getting frame-worthy pictures for your baby’s portfolio at the comfort of your home!
7 days ago
What Is Typecasting | Lesson from Actor Will Roberts
Actor and comedian Will Roberts is here to tell you how actors find their type and make typecasting work to their advantage.
12 days ago
Basic Acting Terminology | Lesson from Actor Will Roberts
Actor Will Roberts is here with a little cheat sheet to help you decode some of the buzzwords used on the film set.
22 days ago
How to Overcome Stage Fright
Tears, tantrums, and tummy aches: these are just some of the symptoms of stage fright, also known as performance anxiety. KidsCasting experts share the best tips for getting it under control!
23 days ago
Future of Hollywood: Today’s Young Stars
Here are the up-and-coming stars under 21 who we believe will be the next generation of Hollywood.
Jan 11, 2019
Why You Need KidsCasting in 2019
Find out why 2019 is the perfect year to embark on an adventure with us!
Jan 3, 2019
All Disney Releases in 2019
It’s going to be a busy year for Disney fans! Here’s what the entertainment powerhouse plans to bring to the big screens in 2019.
Dec 19, 2018
Besides Christmas: Winter Holidays Around the World
Do you know what holidays you’re referring to when you wish someone Happy Holidays? Let’s explore winter holidays around the world, other than Christmas!
Dec 5, 2018
Help Your Toddler Handle Stress
If your toddler seems to be more anxious than usual, learn the reasons behind the stress and the solutions for soothing it away.
Nov 28, 2018
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