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Every Teenager Must Read... Kate Winslet Shares Her Acting Secrets
So you've made the decision – you want to be an actor. Now what? Here are some fundamental tips from Hollywood star Kate Winslet...
2 days ago
5 Advantages to Being a Member of KidsCasting
Here are 5 advantages our members have by being subscribed to KidsCasting...
9 days ago
6 Family Movies We Can’t Wait for This Summer
This summer will bring us many buzzworthy and family-friendly movies. To help you select what is worth your time and ticket, we've compiled a nice little list with our top picks for families with kids of various ages!
16 days ago
Matthew McConaughey’s Advice On Starting Out
In a recent interview with the SAG-AFTRA foundation, McConaughey discussed his experience in Hollywood and the life lessons he learned while working on set...
23 days ago
How Acting Can Help Your Child’s Speech Development
Did you know that acting is a fantastic opportunity for enrichment that can significantly improve child’s verbal communication skills?
May 25, 2018
Hugh Jackman On Why Everyone Should Try Acting
In his interview with the Bravo Magazine our beloved actor Hugh Jackman tells how acting skills have helped him in his personal and professional relationships...
May 18, 2018
Too Late After 3?
The best time to start your baby's acting and modeling career is... NOW!
May 7, 2018
Before They Were Famous
At one point in time, your favorite stars were just struggling actors looking for their big breaks. Here are 6 surprising starting roles of now established actors...
Mar 23, 2018
Tips for Memorizing Lines for Kids
We’ve prepared some tips to help you keep your sanity while helping your child memorize the lines...
Feb 23, 2018
Acting and Modeling: Just a Phase?
How to know if acting and modeling is your child’s true passion...
Feb 9, 2018
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