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Creative Halloween Activities for Kids
We’ve assembled four fun Halloween-themed activities that kids can enjoy at home while developing their creativity!
10 hours ago
How Do Child Actors Film Horror Movies?
We're kicking off Halloween season with a brand new article about child actors playing in horror films! How do they do it?
7 days ago
The Benefits of Musical Theater Training
Musical theater training is a great way to introduce young actors to a variety of techniques valued immensely in the acting world...
14 days ago
Answering YOUR Questions on Kids' Modeling
We’ve decided to answer questions on child modeling that you, our members, ask most often!
21 days ago
How to Master a Cold Read During an Audition
We’ve prepared a couple of tips for your child to master cold reads, as they can be especially hard for young actors...
28 days ago
The Importance of YOU!
What role do parents play in their child’s acting and modeling career? Find out now...
35 days ago
How to Raise a Confident Child
Personal confidence is what leads us to success, independence, and happiness. As a parent, there are several steps...
42 days ago
The Most Anticipated Disney Releases
This year’s D23 convention released many new sneak peeks of the Disney/Pixar goodness that we’ll see in theaters soon!
49 days ago
Make-Up on Audition Day: Yay or Nay?
Whether to wear makeup to the audition is a question that crosses the minds of actors and models gearing up for their first...
50 days ago
The Perks of Creative Industries
Learn how dipping your toes into the creative industry can be a big stepping stone in one's decision on the future career...
50 days ago
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