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5 Ways Your Kid Can Practice Acting At Home
Here are 5 ways your kid can practice acting at home...
3 days ago
How to Succeed With KidsCasting
Do you believe you are raising a future star? Or has your kid showed interest in performing? With KidsCasting, they will succeed...
10 days ago
Creative Thanksgiving Activities for Kids
Festive activities for kids to get them turn off the TV and get creative instead!
18 days ago
Your Guide to Baby Modeling
Think your baby is photogenic and cute? This guide will help you find success in the baby modeling industry!
23 days ago
How Acting Helps Develop Humanity
One of the advantages of acting for kids is that it’s a great way to learn empathy. Acting is not just about memorizing lines...
31 days ago
How to Stand Out During an Audition
What makes a lasting impression on the casting team during an audition? We have the answers!
38 days ago
The Importance of Prosthetic Makeup in Film and TV
In film and TV, one of the most important elements to consider when creating believable characters is makeup artistry...
45 days ago
Creative Halloween Activities for Kids
We’ve assembled four fun Halloween-themed activities that kids can enjoy at home while developing their creativity!
52 days ago
How Do Child Actors Film Horror Movies?
We're kicking off Halloween season with a brand new article about child actors playing in horror films! How do they do it?
59 days ago
The Benefits of Musical Theater Training
Musical theater training is a great way to introduce young actors to a variety of techniques valued immensely in the acting world...
66 days ago
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