Victoria Skylar Noiseux
Hopewell Junction, NY
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    2 y.o.
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Victoria Skylar or we call her " Tori Bear " is a healthy, happy and easygoing little girl who is always ready to explore this world from a minute she wake up. With a smile on her face, laugh and be funny she is quit a social butterfly who likes to meet new people and being in front of the camera since her mommy is a photographer. She love helping her daddy works on his computer. She absolutely loves to try new food, learn new things, can't wait to walk on her own and we couldn't be more happier
This is her starting in acting/modeling career. We hope we will get an opportunity from you to build up her experience in life and be able to write amazing experiences here soon.
Victoria Skylar loves to read and she loves all kinds of music, classical and jazz in particular. she loves playing piano and listening to the sound of the notes. She loves to play with her learning toys, ride in her Mini Cooper Jumper and love being outside. She started her swimming lesson and she really love it!
Victoria Skylar the love of fashion quite standout from what we see since she was only 7 month old. She quite a fashion icon for her friends that what she wear or have her friends would buy them too and we are flattered. She is very observant and alert since day one. She is good at listening and focusing when people are talking or learning from what people are doing. Even though she is still young and does not have a specific talents yet but we cannot wait to see what she can do.