Reagan Gaetano
Lima, OH
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  • Gender:
  • Age:
    1 y.o.
  • Height:
  • Weight:
    22 lbs
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Reagan is 31.5 inches tall and her blue eyes get so much attention in public! Reagan's first smile was the day she was born! Her positivity has helped so many individuals get through this pandemic! The compliments we have received about her happiness have been unreal. This is the reason we decided to give Reagan this opportunity. If she can make our friends, family and passerby's smile, how about trying to make the world smile? Reagan has 2 mommies, a pup named Roxy and 9 cousins to play with!
Reagan was recently asked by a photographer to be featured in her portfolio. It was a cute and fun photoshoot and Reagan did great!
Reagan loves swimming! Pools, oceans and bathtubs have all been played in. She kicks her feet and splashes. Reagan can't walk on her own yet but when her Mommies hold her hands, she loves to kick a soccer ball around the living room or around our basketball court outside. Reagan loves to say Mom and repeats it frequently! She is getting pretty good at copying her Mommies! Her new favorite is clapping her hands when we say "yay!"
Reagan recently learned how to wave, clap her hands and kick a soccer ball but still working on finding her talents as she progresses!