Micah Thompson
New Market, AL
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    3 y.o.
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Hi, I'm Micah! Most people call me by my middle name, Levi. I am an adventurous infant, looking to advance in the modeling industry. I love to laugh, play, and talk. I don't meet strangers, everyone I meet becomes my friend! I am a beacon of light to all and an instant charmer. I am nearly 23 lbs, and 29 inches long.
I'm an amateur who loves a camera! I may not have industry experience, but my infectious smile and charm always find a camera! Tickle me or talk to me, and I'm a pro! I wave, smile, and dance.
Of course I eat, sleep, play, and poo; however my favorite past time activity is flirting with women. I don't discriminate, but older is my favorite!
I'm always happy and easy to get a smile out of. I will laugh if you dance or talk to me. I walk super fast, and I love to dance to music! I'm extremely outgoing, I haven't met a stranger yet!