Mhaygee Sparkman
Hohenwald, TN
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    4 y.o.
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  • Weight:
    42 lbs
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Mhaygee is a nothing short of a diva. She is the most funniest little girl I've ever meet. She definitely keeps you laughing with jokes and her sassy attitude. Not knowing her age, her personality and sass would definitely make her in her teens. Shes so smart, she suprises me often with things she knows. Mhaygee loves chocolate milk, fruits, & honey bbq chips. She is a master at minecraft and enjoys playing rodblox.
Mhaygee doesn't have much experience other than making her own videos and pictures.
Mhaygee loves to swim! She has mastered jumping in and staying under water while swimming. Another hobby mhaygee enjoys is singing! She is constantly singing and rapping. I've never seen a child as young as her love music as much as she does. Let's not forget her dance moves! Cause shes got em! She also enjoys catching bugs. Yes, bugs! Moths, lighting bugs. Butterflies.. you name it.