Lilly Anna Rose Layton
East Brunswick, NJ
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  • Age:
    5 y.o.
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  • Weight:
    20 lbs
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Lilly is now 18 months old!! This little girl is the star of anything we do! Every time we are st a park or play date she is the center of attention and people cannot help but comment on her personality and attitude! Lilly is a beautiful intelligent baby girl! She is starting to
Sing and she LOVES to dance! Lilly is able to say 22 words. She will mimick anything you say! Lilly is very ahead for her age. We have lots of friends the same age as she and Noone is able to talk as much as Lilly does. Nor can they sing or dance as she does! Lilly has been taught by a few different outside sources. Weekly we meet with a woman who comes to teach Lilly new things! She is brushing her teeth on her own and we have almost mastered the potty! (Almost). We have had this account for quite some time and have had no one show any interest! Please if you come across Lilly Anna Rose send me a message !!!!!
As of 18 months old we have no industry expierence. We are hoping to change that!!!!
Being on camera, laughing and clapping her hands! Lilly Loves her mommy, and loves to love! She loves to read stories with mommy and learn! She loves to give hugs and kisses! Lilly is a beautiful baby with a beautiful personality she is an absolute pleasure to be around!
Mimicking her mommy! Blowing bubbles and laughing! Clapping her hands, giving kisses!
Smiling and being silly!