Keti Chanturiya
Manville, NJ
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  • Age:
    18 y.o.
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    5' 4''
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    104 lbs
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My name is Keti Chanturiya, I am 15 years old. I live in Moscow. I am in the 9th grade, and this year I have to take exams. I attach great importance to education in my life and therefore I spend a lot of time studying. In 2016, I graduated from music school in the class of choral singing. I really love music, and in my spare time, I play the piano and sing. Currently I attend a theatrical studio. I dream of becoming a professional actress.
In 2016 I graduated from the well-known children's music choral school Vesna. Over the years of my studies here I, as a member of the school's collective, have repeatedly traveled to Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Slovakia. We gave many concerts there and, as a rule, we won in all musical competitions. I also sang in a small ensemble, which took part in various events of the city. In the theatrical studio at the theater, I repeatedly participated in theatrical productions.
Since I have to pass my exams this year, it takes me a lot of time and strength to get prepared for them. Therefore, to restore my strength, I go in for sports - I skate and ride bicycle. I am also into music, which takes a special place in my life. I play the piano and sing. This helps me to relieve daily stress. My favorite composer is Rachmaninov, and his second piano concertos I guess is the greatest classical composition in the world. I also read a lot. Reading helps me develop spiritually.
From an early age I showed interest and ability to music. When I was 6 years old, I entered children's music choral school Vesna. I play the piano and sing well. I attend theatrical studio at the theater. I participate in various theatrical productions. I am good at drawing and molding plasticine. Most of all I like to sculpt miniature figures and compositions. In addition, I am good in learning languages. I am fluent in Russian and Georgian, improving my English and learning French.