Harper Quinn Hill
El Cajon, CA
Profile ID: 8728276

  • Gender:
  • Age:
    8 y.o.
  • Height:
    4' 1''
  • Weight:
    50 lbs
  • Eye color:
  • Hair color:
Harper is a smart, spunky 8-year-old who loves singing, dancing, and acting. She is great at stage direction and memorization and is an advanced reader. She has had two years of vocal lessons with some music theory and has great pitch. She is bubbly, and easy going, understands character development and working from scripts. She is petite and has a smaller frame so can often play roles that require a younger child. Harper builds relationships easy, is respectful, and fun to be around.
Baby Kangaroo in Seuss Jr. / Playground Players Productions
Molly in Annie Jr. / Playground Players Productions (cast but incomplete due to covid)
Aladdin Jr. / Playground Players Productions Ensemble (currently in rehearsals)

Vocal training / Playground Players with vocal coach Laura Bueno
Beginning Ballet and Beginning Jazz / Expressions Dance Studio
Beginning Piano
Harper is an adventurous, daring girl who loves surfing, climbing rocks (and trees!), ballet, singing, dancing, and art. She loves joking around and laughing, is full giggles, with a huge imagination. She is a big reader and is currently working her way through all of Harry Potter and subsequently working on her English accent just in case someone needs a new Hermoine Granger. Her teachers may not be thrilled about this but we find it funny. She loves math, legos, forts, science, and her dolls.
Singing, acting, intro surf, beginning ballet and jazz, beginning piano, writing, has an ear for accents. She's a great storyteller and writer. She rides bikes and basic skateboard. She is a beginning skier.