Davin Singh
Greenwood, IN
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    5 y.o.
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    22 lbs
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I was born on January 8, 2016. I weighed in at nine pound four ounce baby. I was breastfed from birth till Easter Sunday 2018, this year. I am just learning how to hold conversations with my my Mommy. I love calling her name over and over. And I know she loves it.
I am new to this. I like learning new things and clapping my hands. I like to give hive fives & cheering for teams.
I like to play with the sweeper & my mommies hair dryer. I am not allowed to plug in the electric, so I use the bottom of the table or around my horsey's bars. Building blocks and painting are my favorite things to do.
Giving high fives. Singing, "Happy and You Know It". Practicing, "the wheels on the bus". Dancing to, "head, shoulder, knee, & toe". Writing the number one. I know Elmo. I recognize the song by, fifth harmony, "work from home". I know my colors.