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Parent Academy
Parent Academy is an educational section of KidsCasting. A place where parents can learn about the entertainment industry with topics ranging from the baby modeling business and kids monologues, to at-home games for creative toddlers. New educational articled added weekly!
What is SAG and Equity?
Learn about the actor's unions and how they differ from each other!
48 days ago
Drama School 101
Drama schools and acting classes are a great way to improve your child’s talents and learn new and important skills.
48 days ago
How to Use Social Media to Your Child's Advantage
If used correctly, social media platforms can only help your child showcase his or her talents...
47 days ago
KidsCasting Video Vault is regularly updated with new video content featuring entertainment experts and casting professionals, giving parents advice on everything they need to know before getting their kid into acting and modeling.
What to Prepare for an Audition
So, you’ve created a resume, got your kid’s headshots ready, and now it’s time to apply to auditions. But where to start?
48 days ago
Applying to Casting Calls and More
How to apply to casting calls? What's an "open audition"? Learn all that and so much more now!
48 days ago
Latest Casting Calls
Our team of experts manually review each and every posted casting call to make sure of their legitimacy and appropriateness.
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