Writing a Cover Letter

1. The importance of a good cover letter

A cover letter, together with the headshots and resume, is your calling card to convince why the directors or agents should pick your child. It needs to leave a good impression. A bad letter is most likely going to end up in the bin or in the eternal filing cabinet. That’s not where you intended it to be. Casting directors go through a mountain of applications every day and only have a few moments to spend on each one, so it’s important to stand out.

2. Correct grammar IS important

When creating your KidsCasting profile, make sure to check your spelling. Spelling and grammar mistakes do not leave a good and professional impression on anyone. Not to mention they are harder to read through. They will simply show that you don’t care enough. Don’t hesitate to ask someone to proofread your cover letter and profile.

3. What to include in your cover letter

Similar to any job application, a cover letter is a way to tell a casting director why the specific job is what your child wants and why he or she is suited for it. You do not need to recite your resume if it is already accompanying the cover letter. Your resume shows the facts. The cover letter is proof of your child’s motivation. Be concise, but engaging, and show that your child is serious about their career.