Farida Ayad
Los Angeles, CA
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  • Age:
    14 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 4''
  • Weight:
    99 lbs
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I am a talented actress and I can act in comedic or dramatic roles but I prefer comedic ones, I really enjoy acting and have been to acting workshops to learn about sets and filming movies and tv shows because I am mostly a theatre actress but trying to get into the tv carrier so despite the fact that I never acted in a movie or tv show I still know how things work.
I attended a premiere program and performed in front of 52 industry professionals
I was mostly a leading character in the biggest plays my acting workshop created such as:
cinderella, snow white, in Bugsy Malone, in the Matilda show I was Lavender, matilda's best friend.
Recently, I filmed a commercial for a small coffee shop in Kuwait.
I like to play a lot of sports, I play a British sport called netball, I also play basketball, soccer, volleyball, bench ball, hockey. I also learnt a few musical instruments like the violin, the piano, the cello and the drum kit. Acting is also a hobby of mine, I have been taking drama classes for around 6-7 years and have participated in a lot of plays and a few main roles. I also presented most school plays from 2018-2020, also one of my top hobbies is photography i can be great at it.
Acting, sports, photography and music, drumming, kickboxing