Emma Petruk
Hollywood, FL
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  • Age:
    6 y.o.
  • Height:
    3' 2''
  • Weight:
    31 lbs
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My name is Emma and I am 2 years old. My mommy is Tatyana and she is older than me. I don't know how I came here but my mommy bought me here. Sometimes mommy calls me her miracle baby, her blessing from God. I don't know what that means but I think it's cool. My doggy is Ally. I like to play with her and stroke her. Sometimes Ally tries to bite me. I think because she is still hungry after her dinner. My friends are Bob the Train, Makka Pakka and Upsy Daisy. They are funny and make me laugh and I learn things from them. I like to go to the beach and I like going to gymnastics. I also like to read books. Sometimes I climb silks like my mommy. I also like to look at myself in the mirror because my mommy does that too. . Sometimes mommy takes me to NYC and I chase bubbles in the park and play on the roof and ride the carousel.
Love possing dancing and acting, born actress
Gymnastics, painting and dancing with mommy
Gymnastics, aerial acrobatics, paintings and dancing