Nehemiah Clemons
Jacksonville, NC
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    4 y.o.
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    22 lbs
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Nehemiah Omari Clemons was born in Jacksonville North Carolina. He had a fever of 108 so he spent a week in the NICU. My boy is a survivor though. He's very playful when people are friendly with him, and also takes instructions well. We will celebrate his one year birthday this coming June! It's a very exciting time because we are also expecting baby number two by the end of 2018! As a young growing family our joy comes from sharing Nehemiahs' smile with the world.
Nehemiah has no industry experience as of now. I however, Brandi his mother, was involved in a few pageants in high school, and also did extra work for a show shot in New Mexico, though it didn't last more than two seasons. Nehemiah is a joy to be around and will no doubt be a boy who makes a difference wherever he goes.
Nehemiah loves music and will start to dance the moment he hears it. He loves to swim and be envolved most activities. Nehemiah's growing in his baby sigh skills. He can communicate pretty well in my opinion, with his first sigh word being "more". I try and teach him the few Spanish words I know as well. He is biracial so it's important to us as a family. He likes nursery rhymes that he can follow along (using his hands) to.
Nehemiah has many developing talents, his baby sighing language is getting noticeably better. He can sign the word "more" wave his hands hi and bye at the appropriate times. He high fives and does patty cake very enthusiasticly. He loves to dance to any music he hears and will chime in to sing every so often.