Sophia Zagross
Los Angeles, CA
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  • Age:
    13 y.o.
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    4' 8''
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    86 lbs
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Hi my name is Sophia Zagross 10. I am always a participating studennt I am currently A Student council Vice President in Playa Vista Elementary School La
Become Actress!!!!!
I am a best of the best student who always gets the highest scores possible! Since I was born, the TV was always on and running witch meant more oppertunites of acting for me!! I can mimerize almost anything and everything. I will take all the options/opportunities I can get! Hopefully I can succeed my dream!
Well, never been on TV but, or made moves yet ! But always dreamed of. I have 5 gold and 6 silver from 2017 Rhythmic Gymnastics . I worked with a advertising company and I am in 2017 LA school of gymnastics face in the short move . I am a hip hop dander in la OTE dances studio . 3/4 concert we do a year .. I am attending on talent shows where I playing piano and singing . Last I played Alisya Keys , . . My dream is to be on Disney Chanel and have fun with it Working hard is my live ..
Acting, dancing , singing, piano playing, horsebackriding, Rhythmic Gymnastics, ice skating, sport playing, is in Coris, drawing.
Singer, Dancer, Paino Player, Gymnast, and always acts to be on tv.