Autumn Grace West
Las Vegas, NV
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My name is Autumn Grace. I am 21.5 inches tall and 11 pounds. I love to interact with people and show them my smiles and talk to them. I am always happy and the only time I make a cry sound is when I'm super hungry or just learning how to control it. I am spunky, full of personality and everyone says how smart and advanced I am for 7 weeks. Even my doctor is blown away. He says my eyes will be blue, but they look grey right now and my hair looks light brown but it might turn blonde. I guess we will see.
I have no experience as I am only 7 weeks old. But I according to friends, family and strangers I am a knock out.
I enjoy tummy time, interacting with everyone that comes by, I love to look around and yeah, I like to eat, who doesn't? As for naps, I am to interested in what is going on and rarely take them but dont you worry, I don't get fussy. I enjoy being awake and around my family.
Smiling all the time, they say most babies sleep and don't smile as much as I do. I've been smiling since I was a week old. All the time. I also have been hanging out for hours on end since the day I was born. Right after birth I hung out with my mommy for 3 hours before taking a nap. I have been cooing since I was 2 weeks old. My mom said I'm almost ready for my first car, she's silly. She says I am growing up way to fast for my age but I think I am just on my way to becoming the next president of the United States. Never to early to start, right?