McKenzie Moore
Fort Worth, TX
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  • Age:
    14 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 5''
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    140 lbs
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My name is McKenzie Moore I am 14 years and I live in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. I am a multiracial American that loves to act. I've been doing theatre for 3 years now. I have only acted on stage but I would also love to act on screen. I am a funny, outgoing, reliable person that can take directions and I love learning new things everyday!

Charlotte's Web-Fairgoer #2 (Applied Learning Academy)

Cuttin' line-Eunice (Applied Learning Academy)

10 ways to Survive the
end of the world- Alien #2 (Applied Learning Academy)

Luna- Kid 4&6 (Applied Learning Academy)

Footloose the
musical- Ensemble #15 (Plaza Academy of Fine Arts)

Jungle Book
The musical- Grumpy monkey (Plaza Academy of Fine Arts)

Family musical-Fortune Teller Ancestor (Plaza Academy of Fine Arts)

The Audition-Yuma (Applied Learning Academy)
I really enjoy playing basketball as well as singing and acting.I also love painting and practicing SFX makeup in my free time.
- Southern accent