Eleanor Guzules
Santa Clara, CA
Profile ID: 11510946

  • Gender:
  • Age:
    16 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 10''
  • Weight:
    170 lbs
  • Eye color:
  • Hair color:
Ellie takes multiple honors courses in school and is already looking for the acting/arts colleges she should apply for. Ellie took part in Girl Scouts for 5 years and has cosplayed in the past for her friends' YouTube channels and Comic Con type panels. Ellie can rewatch a movie a million times and never be bored of it. Even, and perhaps most especially, when she can say every line as it is uttered on screen.
Ellie has been in 15 productions, including plays such as The Fairytale Network and Prince Ugly and musicals like Beauty and the Beast, Honk!, Mary Poppins, and Once on this Island. When Ellie was younger she took tap/ballet classes and later began singing lessons. She now takes singing techniques, a acting/tap dance workshop, a choreography workshop, and a musical theater dance class in addition to currently being enrolled in the advanced theater class at her school.
Ellie enjoys singing and dancing inside of the theater and out. She also enjoys watching musicals and plays and experiments with drink mixing and cooking. She is a movie devotee who takes pride in her memorization of scenes or entire movies. Ellie will write episodes of shows or entire movies purely from memory before making small corrections, and continuing to memorize the lines. She also draws and writes stories/scripts when she is feeling bored.
Ellie can pick up blocking, lyrics, and lines exceedingly quickly. She can read and write some French and can speak it an equal amount. She works on her accents often, particularly her British, but hopes to improve all of her practiced speech patterns. Ellie also likes experimenting with and practicing makeup, often trying new looks and learning better methods for application.