Levi Smocks
Desoto, TX
Profile ID: 5566696

  • Gender:
  • Age:
    9 m.o.
  • Height:
    3' 0''
  • Weight:
    20 lbs
  • Eye color:
  • Hair color:
I am hitting milestones at an advanced rate. I have piercing eyes and a full set of thick, arched eyebrows which add even more personality to my demeanor. I like to show off my dimples which match my bright smile. I am well-behaved, yet curious at the world around me. Most of all, I talk often and love to play.
I love watching Judge Judy and the Food Network with my mom. I have been sitting up on my own for a while now, so I am learning to walk. I have an affection for cell phones and TV remotes.
I pull myself up using support and am beginning to stand on my own. Additionally, I am a very active listener and will respond to conversation.