What is a Resume?
Aug 29, 2017
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Your child may be just starting out or maybe they already have plenty of experience. A good resume is always going to be an important part of booking your next audition and landing that role. When applying for an audition, you are expected to send in your resume and your headshot. So let’s look at how resumes are made in the entertainment industry and what are the professional standards you are advised to follow.

One of the many benefits of being a KidsCasting member is that you can create a professional resume right on our website using a template similar to industry-standard Comp Card - essential marketing tool for actors and models. You can then Save, Share & Print said resume, which is extremely handy when going to auditions.

What to include in a Resume

A resume has a standard format. It includes information that is necessary for the casting crew to know when considering your child for a role. Here’s a list of information you need to include on your kid’s resume:

1. Name/Union/Contact Info

State your child’s name or stage name at the top center of the resume in clear, large, bold letters. If your kid is part of an actors union, state that under their name in visible letters. In a line under your name or union, put down your main contact information. That would be your primary mobile number and email address. Most casting directors prefer communicating through e-mail. If you are represented by an agent or agency, state their contacts too. But make it clear which are yours and which your representatives. Casting directors may want to contact either one of you.

2. Physical characteristics

After your contact info you will want to describe your child’s physical characteristics such as race, height, weight, hair color, eye color, clothing size. Here you need to also mention your child’s age.

3. Credentials

Next, you can list your child’s credentials. There are specific industry standards on how to state your experience.

4. Training

If your child attended drama school, acting or modeling workshops and classes, the Training Section is where you can list those achievements. You may also want to list contact information for said schools/training, so that if needed, the casting director can reference the information. Remember to list relevant and relatively new experiences only!

5. Special skills

Any interests your child has outside acting and modeling can be listed here. If your child is into horseback riding or, let’s say, synchronized swimming, great! That information can show that your child is a well-rounded individual. And who knows, maybe those special skills will be relevant for the project your child is auditioning for!

Resume Standard Rules and Tips

There are no dates on a resume

You shouldn’t include the dates of neither your training nor credentials. Such information is irrelevant for casting directors.

Resume needs to be only 1 page long

The resume needs to be concise and not extend one 8’x10 page. It then will have to be stapled to your kids headshot and handed in together. No casting director will read through a 5 page resume.

Use a stapler, not paper clips

This may seem silly, but please staple your resume with the headshot, instead of using paper clips. You don’t want one to be separated from the other.

Don’t include your home address and home phone number

This is also important - don’t put too much personal information on your resume. Use only mobile phone and email contacts. No home address or home phone number, or even your child’s school name. Don’t include information that could help people with bad intentions track you down easily. Keep it safe.

Use 8’x10 Format

That is the standard paper size for a resume. Make sure it fits with your headshot.

Include enough white space

White space is the space on your resume that hasn’t been filled with text. Too much text will look chaotic. Such resumes are hard to navigate through. Casting agents want to be able to find what they are looking for at a single glance.

Commonly Asked Questions

What we do

Please note that KidsCasting.com is NOT a talent agency, employer or a talent scout. We provide a platform that lets you take charge of your kid’s career yourself, without any third-party involvement (e.g. talent agent or agency). KidsCasting cannot guarantee employment, however, we do guarantee that Casting Directors will contact you. Please refer to our Guarantee Page for more information.

Why we charge for our service

KidsCasting is a service, and like any service, it cannot be free. We have a team of designers, developers and other specialists to create a user-friendly platform for kids acting, modeling and performing auditions. Every day, hundreds of casting professionals from all over the US submit casting calls in search of a perfect talent for their project.

With KidsCasting, you can also learn all about the entertainment industry and what kid′s acting and modeling entails with our Parent Academy. Create professional marketing tools like a Comp Card, at no additional cost (find out more HERE). Reach out to top notch casting directors who use our services with our messaging center. And most importantly, easily search and apply to auditions in a variety of creative fields that your kid will love, be it commercials, movies, tv shows or photo shoots, every day, with no limitations.

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