Portfolio 101
Aug 29, 2017
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Oftentimes portfolio is what a resume is called by those not yet fully familiar with the entertainment industries acronyms. A portfolio is similar to a resume or rather does a similar job. However, portfolios are used in the modeling industry. The difference is that a portfolio showcases someone’s previous work - photography (or video or designs when it comes to portfolios in other fields of work). In this case, we are talking about portfolios for child models. In this section, you can find all about how to create a perfect portfolio for your child!

What to include in a portfolio?

1. Photos

Of course, the main ingredient of a good portfolio is photos. Whether it is work that your child has already done or headshots were taken of them that present their look, you will want to include the right photos in their portfolio.

2. Personal info

You will also need to include personal info, such as contact information, physical details (height, weight, clothing size, eye color, hair color, etc.). This information can be summed up in a page that is then added at the end of your portfolio.

3. Type of work preferred

You will also want to mention what type of modeling you are interested in (print modeling, commercials, etc.). If you have a strong interest and experience in a specific modeling type, casting directors and agencies may see your child as specifically fit for the work they can offer.

Choosing photos for your kids portfolio

Standard size

The standard size for portfolio photos is 8x10”. This is the standard photography size for most performance industry headshots.

Rule of thumb - Less is more

Don’t go overboard with the photos. Only put in the photos that stand out the most: no casting director will look through 15 average photos. Focus on quality, not quantity. Casting agents want to be wowed, not bored, so a couple of quality shots that showcase your child’s looks and photogenic abilities will do the trick.

The 3 photos you need to include:

There isn’t a specific amount of photos a portfolio should contain. But there are 3 specific photos an agency is going to want to see if your child:

1. Headshot

A headshot is a photo, framed ‘’from chest up’’, that shows off your child’s face. Read more on headshots here

2. Full body shot

Include a photograph in which your child is visible head to toes. Frame the image so that your kid’s whole body is clearly visible standing close in the frame.

3. "Looks" and/or "Character"

This is the photo in which your child is modeling a specifically chosen look or clothing. They can also be simply showcasing their character. It is different from a full body shot as your kid can be sitting or playing in this image. Their whole body doesn’t have to be clearly visible.

Should we have professional photos?

As with the headshots for young actors, professional photos are not required but advised. If your child is just starting out in the modeling industry, there's no need to hire an expensive photographer. You can just use KidsCasting: search for photographers in your area using our database, and you might get lucky and find one who'll be willing to photograph your child for free.

If you would like to photograph your kid yourself, follow our tips to achieve the best results:

1. Natural light over studio

Studio lights may work wonders If they are set by professional photographers. Setting them up yourself can end up being nothing but a waste of time. Just use natural light and you’ll be OK (but not direct sunlight as it creates false shadows).

2. High quality camera

If you don’t own one, it is a good idea to see if you can borrow one from friends or use an equipment leasing company. The images need to be sharp. A good quality camera will catch the natural light and shadow without losing much resolution.

3. Subtle background

Neutral background will direct all the attention to your child. If you are using a good camera, make sure the focus is on them, and the background is a little bit blurry. This will create nice depth to the photo, as well as highlight your child’s features.

4. No retouching

It’s better to steer clear of retouching unless you are very good at it. Sure, fiddling with exposure and light can better the photo, but changing the appearance of your child, or their features is definite no-no.

Commonly Asked Questions

What we do

Please note that KidsCasting.com is NOT a talent agency, employer or a talent scout. We provide a platform that lets you take charge of your kid’s career yourself, without any third-party involvement (e.g. talent agent or agency). KidsCasting cannot guarantee employment, however, we do guarantee that Casting Directors will contact you. Please refer to our Guarantee Page for more information.

Why we charge for our service

KidsCasting is a service, and like any service, it cannot be free. We have a team of designers, developers and other specialists to create a user-friendly platform for kids acting, modeling and performing auditions. Every day, hundreds of casting professionals from all over the US submit casting calls in search of a perfect talent for their project.

With KidsCasting, you can also learn all about the entertainment industry and what kid′s acting and modeling entails with our Parent Academy. Create professional marketing tools like a Comp Card, at no additional cost (find out more HERE). Reach out to top notch casting directors who use our services with our messaging center. And most importantly, easily search and apply to auditions in a variety of creative fields that your kid will love, be it commercials, movies, tv shows or photo shoots, every day, with no limitations.

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