Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes for Kids
Oct 29, 2018
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Kids are already cute just the way as they are, but put a costume on them and they’re adorable! With October here, the one question everyone asks is “What are you going to be for Halloween?” According to the National Retail Federation, top 5 Halloween children’s costumes in 2018 are: princess, superhero, Batman, Star Wars character and Witch.

We held a fun contest on our Facebook page to find out which cartoons, movies, and TV shows have inspired your Halloween costumes, and here are the results!

Disney Characters

25 KidsCasting members’ choice

Dressing up as your favorite Disney character is always fun, and the magical Disney universe is full of Halloween gold!

Halloween Fashion Show

Photos courtesy of Larissa Da Silva — Michael as Donald Duck; Heidi Freeland-Trail — Rowan as Sulley from Monsters Inc.; Elizabeth Marie Trinkaus — Grayson as the Beast from The Beauty and the Beast; Diane Wilson — Jeremiah as Mickey Mouse; Mae Arellano — Emma as The Little Mermaid.

Halloween Fashion Show 2

Photos courtesy of Joi Rice-Myles — Minnie Mouse; Elizabeth Hathaway Acton — Jasmine as Moana; Pankaj Manhas — Anisha as Elsa from Frozen Fever; Dominique Teran — Houston as Aladdin; Trista Waters — Olivia as Violet from The Incredibles.

Favorite Movies and Cartoons

29 KidsCasting members’ choice

The most popular movies among our talents were The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars. If you’re searching for the perfect movie for the Halloween night, check out our family-friendly movie list.

Halloween Fashion Show 3

Photos courtesy of Maria Lu — Zara as Rey from Star Wars; Dharti Kumar — Nikhil as Kylo Ren from Star Wars; Debra Coffey — Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas; Becky Wagoner — Za’Mariah as a character from Candy Land; Robyn Monroe — Kyla Skye as Foxy Brown from Superfly.


16 KidsCasting members’ choice

Kids just love the idea of rescuing their friends from scary monsters. Superhero costumes are an ever-popular category for Halloween, and there's no end to the fun looks to choose from — from Avengers to Superman, Wonder Woman, and everything in between.

Halloween Fashion Show 4

Photos courtesy of Rita Jones — Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad; Christina Bardill — Sean as Deadpool; Naomi Zoe Deline— Khloe as Cat Woman; Shashi Yejide — Connor as Superboy; Rita Jones — Transformers; Mae Sparks — Jordan as Spiderman.

Spooky Shows and Horror Movies

12 KidsCasting members’ choice

It was believed that on October 31, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead get a little blurry, so it’s the perfect time to watch scary shows and dress up in a spooky costume!

Halloween Fashion Show 5

Photos courtesy of Claudia Hamame — Emma as one of the Ghostbusters; Jessica Lynn Nevel — Emersyn Rae as Annabelle: Creation; Amaia Ruiz-Bobadilla — Wednesday from The Addams Family; Crystal Bridges — Tabzilla as one of the Children of the Corn; Melissa Johnson — Gia as Lucy Westenra from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


6 KidsCasting members’ choice

You can’t go wrong with this Halloween classic. Witches have had a long history with Halloween. Legends tell of witches gathering twice a year when the seasons changed, on April 30 and on All Hallow's Eve on October 31.

A pointy hat, black cloak, a broomstick and you’ve got a great costume! Bonus points if you add a black cat, cackle or a cauldron.

Halloween Fashion Show 6

Photos courtesy of Tiffany Retseh — The Witches; Vanessa Lesher — Vanecia as Maleficent; Tiffany Retseh — Hocus Pocus; Amber Wright — Lilyan as Maleficent; Suzana Spahia — Leonajda as The Good Witch.

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