How To Get Your Baby Booked for Modeling Gigs
Nov 12, 2018
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Chubby cheeks, bright eyes, and a dazzling, toothless smile that makes everyone say “Awwww!” If you had a penny for every time someone told your baby should be a model, you’d probably have a little fortune by now. Not wanting to deny the world your baby’s cuteness is natural, but what does it take to book a modeling job?

Babies in advertisement


What kind of babies make good models? The answer seems simple — babies who are photogenic, with bright eyes, clear skin, and a big smile. But believe it or not, it's not all about the looks, even when it comes to the very youngest models. The looks will get them “through the door,” but it’s the personality that gives babies the staying power.

Babies who book modeling jobs have plenty of character and sparkle about them; they are sociable and good-natured. If you’d like your baby to join the modeling industry, ask yourself if your child is able to put up with meeting lots of strangers during auditions and photo shoots.


If you feel your baby is ready to enter the modeling world, you’ll need to create their modeling profile. You can easily create your baby’s profile and comp card on KidsCasting website. Here’s the good news — you don’t need to splash out on expensive photographs. All you need is a close-up of your baby’s face and one or two full-length shots. Keep it sweet and simple — no food, toys or bright clothes.

Babies change very rapidly — make sure to update the comp card every month, so that the photos showed the current hair length, weight, and the number of teeth. Always have a printed comp card ready with you to give to the casting director. In addition to that, the casting photographer will usually take digital photos on the spot to see how the child looks at the casting.


Dressing the baby

What works best is dressing your baby like a baby. Avoid outfits that are too mature looking for an infant, like little suits or frilly party dresses. A pastel color onesie would be a great choice.

Make sure your baby is not wearing anything distracting. For example, if you dress your baby girl in a new and sparkly princess dress for the audition, it’s very possible that the photographer will have trouble having her to look up since all her attention will be drawn to the details of her new dress.

To sum up, don’t overdo it with the outfit in hopes to make your baby stand out. For the actual photo shoot, the photographer or director will set up the shot the way they want it, and the stylist will decide exactly how your baby will look, too.

Additional tip: If you’re auditioning for a diaper commercial, make sure your baby is wearing the brand that you are auditioning for!


Babies usually sleep during the car ride to the audition and wake up groggy. You probably wouldn’t be camera-ready right after a nap, and neither will your baby. So the best thing to do is to arrive at the audition at least 20 minutes early so that you could make sure your baby is awake, changed, fed (and burped), alert, and ready for the photo shoot.

Audition checklist

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but our partners at casting agencies had this happen enough times that we need to mention it — your baby's face needs to be clean before auditioning. Parents think it’s adorable when the baby's face is covered in chocolate, but casting directors don’t feel the same way, unfortunately.


Here’s a great trick that can help your baby adjust to the new environment — if there is a special toy that always makes your baby smile, save it for auditions. You can suggest that the casting director uses the toy. If there’s a particular noise or phrase that makes your baby giggle, mention it before the audition starts — it will be very helpful and save a lot of time.

Bring a toy

Some babies will go through separation anxiety no matter what, and the only solution is to wait it out. This might be completely counterintuitive to the way most of us were raised, but to help your baby feel comfortable, you should be very outgoing and socialize with others so that your baby sees they’re in a safe and friendly environment.


Many parents ask, should I get my baby an agent right away? You know what is best for your baby, so we suggest that you explore this business yourself at first, and hand the management over to an agent, once your baby starts booking jobs. Read our momager article to see what it takes to be your child’s manager.

Modeling is a great way to build early social skills and bond with your baby, as well as a great way to start your child’s college fund! KidsCasting offers a hassle-free online application process, and every week, we add new casing notices seeking babies and toddlers. Have fun exploring this exciting industry and put these tips to use!

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