Acting 101 | Lesson from Actor Will Roberts
Feb 14, 2019
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Here is a checklist of the things you'll need to get your kid started in the entertainment industry, from our acting expert Will Roberts!

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Commonly Asked Questions

What we do

Please note that is NOT a talent agency, employer or a talent scout. We provide a platform that lets you take charge of your kid’s career yourself, without any third-party involvement (e.g. talent agent or agency). KidsCasting cannot guarantee employment, however, we do guarantee that Casting Directors will contact you. Please refer to our Guarantee Page for more information.

Why we charge for our service

KidsCasting is a service, and like any service, it cannot be free. We have a team of designers, developers and other specialists to create a user-friendly platform for kids acting, modeling and performing auditions. Every day, hundreds of casting professionals from all over the US submit casting calls in search of a perfect talent for their project.

With KidsCasting, you can also learn all about the entertainment industry and what kid′s acting and modeling entails with our Parent Academy. Create professional marketing tools like a Comp Card, at no additional cost (find out more HERE). Reach out to top notch casting directors who use our services with our messaging center. And most importantly, easily search and apply to auditions in a variety of creative fields that your kid will love, be it commercials, movies, tv shows or photo shoots, every day, with no limitations.

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