Sofia c
Cleveland, OH
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  • Age:
    13 y.o.
  • Height:
    5' 2''
  • Weight:
    97 lbs
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Sofia is an engaging young girl who is determined to be the best she can be. Sofia finds love and emotion when performing a script. Sofia often is able to feel that character and not only display that character but become that character. Sofia will do what it takes to get her work done and improve her skills.
Cleveland orchestra children's choir, Apollos Fire. Allstate,
Aristocats, Berlioz, lead. Lion King Junior - Ensemble. Seussical The Musical, supporting, Baby who.
Short Film "The Retribution" - LYFA. TransPerfect Voiceover work. Time To Unify Promo/Commercial - splashdw, supporting. Fall Safety And Socializing Commercial - Morph Images, Lead. The Tower, Daphne Lead. Undertale Voiceover, Frisk, Lead. A Moment Of Your Time Podcast.
Lots of Past and current training.
Singing, Acting, Flexibility, Modelling, Voiceover, dancing Trying New Things, Being With Family And Friends.
Singing, Acting, British Accent, Crying On Cue, Showing Different Emotions, Voiceover, Modelling, Flexibility, Being Able To Adapt To Different People/Places.