Jacob Andrade
East Providence, RI
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  • Gender:
  • Age:
    10 y.o.
  • Height:
    4' 9''
  • Weight:
    91 lbs
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Jacob aka jack is an extremely smart 9 yr old. He loves school. He's always waiting for schools churches or anywhere to post up auditions for little plays for the community. He enjoys video games and is more mature than most children his age. 9 going on 25. He loves to dance and sing on tik tok, hoping he'll get noticed. His most favorite show is Stranger Things. And as for movies "IT" odds his favorite movie.He's got a very night IQ and knows what he wants out of life already, to be a performer
None professional but acting and dancing experience definitely... You have to start somewhere in this industry you just need someone to give you a chance to gain that experience...drama classes have been wonderful
Jack enjoys Xbox, school, dancing, singing, he really loves watching glee...it's the "grease" musical of his time.... one of his greatest hobbies is, (and not just him,his brother Caleb too) bringing sibling rivalry to a whole new level...but watching the2 of them is like watching the funniest comedy show. Jack is a pretty good rapper and song writer, he writes his 21 yr old brother Kyle's lyrics sometimes. Kyle it's an upcoming hip hop artist and all 3 of his brothers look up to him
Sports, can cry on cue and he knows how to keep a straight face, excellent gamer, can speak foreign accents, honor student, spelling genius, & an excellent dancer in hip hop, when it comes to electronics and technology, jack is the one to call, extremely tech savvy,