Gregory Massey Jr
Riverside, CA
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    3 y.o.
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    26 lbs
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My name is Gregory Massey Jr. Im quite energetic once I get comfortable to you. I must admit, bribe me with anything I can eat and you pretty much won me over. Basically, I LOVE to eat. I smile A LOT! Everyone notices my gap but my family and I like to believe it's something like my birth mark. Plus, its always a compliment. I love playing and enteracting with other kids and people as long as I feel they have a good spirit. Im chubby, so I guess you can say im a charm. Im what you can consider a good boy. Im completely fine as long as my tummy is full and I get to interact with people I am familiar with. I used to have hair that my dad absolutely loved because I am mixed with Samoan, thanks to my mom but my mom rather not do the two of our heads and my sisters. So she pretty much chopped off my ponytail and now I feel like a big boy! I promise, once you get to know me, you'll be so happy to have met me! Im so full of character!
None .. Entry level to everything. I see the potential. Interested particularly in commercials, and modeling but will consider any offer.
Dancing. Getting stylish. I love hats and sunglasses! So much that I even cry for them. Getting into everything. Playing. Trying on ALL of my shoes. Learning basketball and football basics.
Face expressions. I can pretty much pick up on any face expression. In fact, my face expressions tells all. Modeling. Love posing with new clothes and shoes!